November 11, 2018

Andrew Kapur’s new book, “Smart Guide to Stop Using Stupid Words!: 30-Minute Ride to a Successful, Peaceful Mind” has just been released. It is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats. Readers will learn to unlock the power of their everyday words and reach new heights of personal growth in just 30 minutes. This book is intentionally brief to allow readers to get results quickly amidst busy schedules. Written as an entertaining self-help guide, it provides the reader applicable knowledge about the process of thinking, the power of words used towards themselves and others, and how some people look to profit from our primitive, faulty-wired brain. It has the perfect balance of humor, wisdom and practical life-improving tools. In this rapidly evolving and interconnected world, global movements such as anti-bullying and “Me Too” show a need to improve the distinct words individuals use to communicate their thoughts and opinions....

Unscarred Clothing $10,000 Fighter Sponsorship Giveaway

November 06, 2018

Unscarred Clothing is giving away away a $10,000.00 cash sponsorship, along with one of every shirt and hoodie we make! Not a Fighter? you can win it anyway! We are Fighters Helping Fighters. Unscarred Clothing is dedicated to helping fighters Your purchase from Unscarred Clothing goes to help cover the cost of medical treatment for injured, uninsured MMA fighters, including injuries or issues sustained in the rest of everyday life.  www.wwwunscarred.com Mixed martial arts fighters put their heath at risk every day, be it in the ring or daily training. In the professional world of MMA, the athletes enjoy the security of health insurance. In the world of up and coming amateurs however, health insurance may be out of reach for many fighters. Unfortunately, the very people who need health insurance the most may not be able to afford it.   While an amateur athlete is training to pursue their dream,...


November 08, 2018

TMD welcomes Mike Piazza as the new director of its high voltage, tools and safety division. With his history in finance and operations management, Piazza will be leading a team to implement process improvement programs to ensure efficiency and quality in TMD’s high-voltage operations that will yield greater productivity and profitability. He will further serve as liaison for external customers and vendors to ensure customer expectations and industry standards are being met.Prior to joining TMD, Piazza worked as operations manager at competitor, Hi-Line Utility Supply Co. in Chicago, IL. “We are excited to have Mike join our team of leaders as we head into the new year and look forward to his support of our long-term success,” states Executive Vice President of Operations, Layton Lively. Piazza is a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials, the North American Independent Lab and the Electrical Safety Foundation International.TMD...

Why the BIG Wedding Industry is Afraid of Dave Westfall!

November 05, 2018

Expert Launches new book to help engaged couples enjoy wedding planning Denver, CO – Dewpointe Press announces the launch of Dave Westfall's latest book, BIG Weddings SUCK! on Friday, November 2 through Monday, November 5. "This is an amazing guide to one of life’s most important decisions," says Robert White, Author of Living an Extraordinary Life. “I don’t ‘like’ the title, yet it is so very true.” Dave Westfall is a wedding elopement expert who writes clearly and powerfully about making better wedding decisions and creating a truly memorable experience.” Dave Westfall is a true believer in small weddings and elopements, especially as he sees “The cost of big weddings keep going up as various parties in the wedding business ply their predatory practices on unsuspecting engaged couples.” In this latest publication, BIG Weddings SUCK!,...

Over 300 Power Latinas will gather for LatinaMeetup’s Miami empowerment event

November 08, 2018

Latina women’s empowerment event, LatinaMeetup will take place on November 15th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Baru Latin Bar in Brickell. This free event will serve as a conduit for Latina professionals to network, break barriers and celebrate each other’s accomplishments while enjoying prizes, a Latin Grammy watch party, tequila tastings and professional head shots. The evening will kick off with a celebration of featured Power Latinas including Ford Latino’s Mujeres Legendarias of Miami, Award winning documentarist & Grammy Showcase Finalist for Latinegras, Omilani Alarcón, OrganicLifeTV founder Carla Sánchez-Anderson and Blogger Union Founder Paola Mendez. Following the introductions, attendees will experience an exclusive tasting of El Mayor Tequilas by Tequila Boss Graciela González the daughter of fourth-generation Master Distiller Rodolfo González.  Additionally, free headshot photography sessions will be...

Consumers Win With Liberty Automotive Protection NJ

November 07, 2018

Consumers who need extended service protection for their vehicles turn to Liberty Automotive Protection NJ for the industry's highest-level of assurance. When unexpected car and truck bills pile up from needed repairs, some vehicle owners find themselves in a major financial bind.  Those who opt for one of Liberty Automotive's affordable and trusted extended warranty plans can sleep peacefully because they know covered repairs won't cost them anything.  There's no reason for anyone to go without an extended service plan for a vehicle they rely on for regular transportation needs. With the various extended service plans offered by Liberty Automotive, consumers can rest assured that whatever plan they pick, each one offers great value, and is backed the the reputation of a nationally-recognized company. Different Levels of Protection extended warranty plans for vehicles come in four varieties to fit any vehicle's budget....

Veteran-Owned Startup Partners with Leading Employment Website ZipRecruiter™ to Translate Military Experience into a Civilian Career

November 08, 2018

Employ Excellence launches new platform to help streamline transitioning military veterans into the civilian workforce.  Employ Excellence, a new veteran-owned tech startup today announces the launch of its platform that seeks to better streamline the process for military veterans transitioning into civilian life, beginning with an automated employment service that matches Veterans with available job opportunities.  The platform translates a Veteran’s military occupational specialty (MOS) code into relevant civilian job titles, then automatically searches thousands of current job listings via its partnership with ZipRecruiter™ to instantly deliver the most relevant matches. The service is offered at no cost to the Veteran.  The company’s mission is to develop a centralized and automated digital pipeline for the nearly 375,000 currently unemployed Veterans as well as the roughly 250,000 Veterans transitioning out of active...

CSI TV Show Creator’s New Literary Company, Zuiker Press, Releases First Set of Graphic Novels for Teens

November 07, 2018

As the creator of the long-running CSI TV franchise, Anthony E. Zuiker is no stranger to dark or difficult topics. It was Zuiker’s three boys though, in sharing the issues and challenges facing them as kids today, that inspired the idea for Zuiker Press, a new literary house from Anthony and his wife Michelle that champions the voices of young authors. Today, is proud to announce its first two graphic novels:  and  are now available online and at select Barnes & Noble locations.


November 07, 2018

announced today that its mid-October launch in Portland, OR had been an unqualified success, with customers from across the city praising their innovative product, CloverStrips (pictured). CloverStrips contain 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) delivered via a thin oral strip which is infused with hemp oil. Designed to dissolve under the tongue, they can be taken once every eight hours for a heightened sense of well-being in body and mind. “CloverStrips provide people with an innovative delivery method to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol for their mind and body. Simply slip a package in your pocket and put one in your mouth when you’re on the go – there’s no fuss, and they also taste great,” said Stephen Sweeney, CEO of CloverStrip CBD. “CBD has many health benefits to offer users, from pain and anxiety relief to treating sleeping issues and even relief from the side effects of chemotherapy. The CloverStrip...


November 08, 2018

New partnership means more college funding expertise to help guide financial planners and their college bound clients through the overwhelming and often grueling experience of college admissions and financial planning.  welcomes new partner Adam H. Blumenthal. After a 2-year hiatus from the college funding industry, Adam is back following his passion helping families navigate the college admission and financial aid process. By partnering with John McDonough at College Funding Evolution, families and businesses will benefit from his expansive knowledge. Spending over 7 years as one of the premier sales training and recruiting experts in the industry led Adam to establish Blumenthal...

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