iPress, forget ironing clothes with this Kickstarter project: iPress, the hanger which removes wrinkles from your garment

June 09, 2016

IPress is an innovative product which avoid ironing your clothes  The invention tries to get funds on Kickstarter   The product has been developed and designed with scientific basis: iPress applies tension to  remove wrinkles in the clothes.  IPress is a hanger designed by Juan Garrote with the purpose of making the life easier to all  those who hate ironing clothes. After years of research, investigation and prototypes, the  product allows to eliminate wrinkles with the use of iPress, applying strain on the wet  garment. Only the hanger and water are needed.   When there are 33 days left on the Kickstarter campaign, iPress has reached the 20% of the  goal. They ask for $20,000 to make iPress a reality.  You can read more information about iPress in the Kickstarter campaign:  Kickstarter iPress   Link with project information:  

Golden Terps Technologies Ltd Secures Provisional Patent for a Proprietary Technology

June 08, 2016

Golden Terp Technologies LTD has been successful in applying and securing a provisional patent for a proprietary technology that will be able to help decrease the DUI traffic in cities and states that have legalized cannabis both medically and recreationally. Even though this product is currently going through the development and funding stage, they are hopeful about making a positive change in compliance with this product. Being a subsidiary of a subsidiary of 840 Media LLC and Tech Apps LTD, this Colorado based company takes pride in being able to entertain growth capital that offers available via Tech Apps LTD which is a direct public offering corporation. Shares are being offered at $1 per share and shares are maturable in year terms via SAFE financing and can also be converted for further equity. Being able to consultation pertaining to the subject of how marijuana can be operated and grown, the ultimate mission of the company is to cultivate the operation of quality cannabis with...

TGV-inhalonix Presents Drug Candidate to Treat Mixed Resistant Lung Infections in Cystic Fibrosis

June 09, 2016

A novel new drug being developed to treat antibiotic-resistant lung infections shows significant promise for treating the often life-threatening mixed bacterial and fungal lung infections contracted by cystic fibrosis patients, according to research presented today by  at the European Cystic Fibrosis Conference. George Tetz, scientific and development advisor for the New York-based pharmaceutical company TGV-inhalonix, detailed the findings of the company’s most recent studies on its inhaled antimicrobial Mul-1867, which is the first drug candidate being developed to address the growing problem of mixed bacterial and mixed bacterial and fungal respiratory infections in cystic fibrosis patients. “Mul-1867 is a breakthrough drug candidate that has shown significant promise in treating the chronic infections that lead to progressive decline in lung function and eventually respiratory failure in patients with cystic fibrosis,” Tetz told the conference.  He...

New York Research Institute Publishes Case Report on Promising New Alzheimer’s Treatment

June 09, 2016

Researchers at the (HMI) have uncovered a potential new Alzheimer’s treatment that significantly reversed the late-stage effects of the debilitating neurodegenerative disease. A report, details the results the research duo of Victor and George Tetz had in treating a 77-year-old Alzheimer’s patient with the repurposed medication deoxyribonuclease I, an enzyme approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of mucus buildup in cystic fibrosis patients. “Our results show potential for reversing the effects of a disease that dramatically impacts not only millions of patients around the world, but also their families,” said George Tetz, head of research and development at HMI.  “Our experimental drug has given one patient a new lease on life, and now we are continuing with our tests with the hopes of reversing the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other incurable diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s.” According...

UNIVISION anchors join cast of Feature Film about Immigration Reform in “THE DREAM” (EL SUENO)

June 08, 2016

Award-winning Director, Producer, Founder of Miami Web Fest US Army Veteran Bryan Thompson, and El Paso native Humberto Castro, tell the story of two young immigrants chasing the American dream in the gripping feature film THE DREAM (EL SUENO), released in theaters on May 26, 2016, featuring two UNIVISION anchors acting in the film. EL SUENO arrives at a time of heightened scrutiny and awareness of immigration reform due to political stances by U.S. presidential candidates, as well as the Dream Act Legislation. EL SUENO, follows two young Mexican immigrants as they struggle to realize the American Dream that has appealed to so many generations. The 87-minute narrative feature film had its world premiere on May 26, 2016 in El Paso, Texas to sold out crowds. The next showing will be June 10th at the Flamingo Theater in Miami, Florida, then on July 14th at the Avalon Theater in Washington D.C. The film shows the impact that the Dream Act would have on two young immigrants,...

Experience the Pleasure of Faking it

June 09, 2016

“Ladies, do you fake it?” That's the question AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Haircolor poses in their provocative new consumer advertising campaign. Designed to raise awareness among non-users of AGEbeautiful,the campaign uses a racy double entendre to pique curiosity, then reveals the true message: with AGEbeautiful Haircolor, you won't just be faking your age you'll be redefining it. The new campaign builds on their "AGEbeautifully” messaging, which encourages women to age in their own unique way with AGEbeautiful products. Featuring the hashtag #PleasureOfFakingIt , the campaign explains how you’ll achieve an “amazing afterglow” from having naturally youthful hair that reflects the age you feel inside. The concept puts a new twist on a familiar phrase, assuring women that with AGEbeautiful,“faking it” has...


January 01, 1970

An award winning short action movie featuring a latina superheroine screens at the Eternal Con Film Festival this Friday, June 10th. The film festival will be held during the Eternal Con at the Cradle of Aviation Museum located at Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City, NY 11530. The film festival starts at 7 p.m. and will be screened inside the IMAX theater within the museum. FUERZA, (pronounced Foo-where-Sah), is about a woman endowed with superhuman powers that is put to the ultimate test when she must stop a group of supervillains, with extraordinary powers, from destroying her city or be eliminated in the process. FUERZA is the Winner of the 2015 International Film Festival Manhattan for Best Short Film USA, Winner of the 2015 Urban Action Showcase Short Film Showdown for Best Super Hero Female (FUERZA) and 2015 Urban Action Showcase Special Effects Contest for Best Short Film. It has also been nominated for Best Art Direction for a Short at the 2015...

DiscoverOrg Set to Crush Sales Machine Event in NYC

June 08, 2016

WHO: DiscoverOrg, Gold Sponsor at Sales Machine Summit WHAT: Sales Machine 2016 WHEN: June 15-16, 2016 WHERE: Pier 94, New York City, NY WHY: Salesforce and Sales Hacker have joined forces to deliver an impactful sales-focused conference, to connect top sales professionals to industry thought leaders, best practices and advanced, new technologies. Sales Machine is expected to bring in over 2000 attendees, providing an incredible opportunity to its attendees not just to learn but to network as well. For every 70 attendees, there is only one sponsor. Keeping this ratio low means better connections and higher relevancy to the audience. Sales Hacker and Salesforce are bringing in inspirational keynotes such as Arianna Huffington and sales thought leaders such as Trish Betruzzi and Gary Vaynerchuck to provide insight and inspiration to...

Texas Theatre for Young People Open for Show Business

June 08, 2016

Acclaimed actor, playwright and director Joe Sturgeon and children’s entertainment veteran Jeremy Blaido, have partnered to open Texas Theatre for Young People (TTYP) in D/FW. The not-for-profit theater offers young people an innovative theatrical experience through intensive work alongside professionals in actual productions and original works for the stage. “Our vision is to present theater for children as a profound cultural and artistic force in the world,” says TTYP co-founder and general manager Jeremy Blaido. “Children with a genuine interest in the theatrical arts have few places to see professional theater in action and learn with hands-on experience. From acting and directing to technical design – these children will be on the inside learning their craft.” The inaugural summer season will offer two intensive summer sessions – Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet for young adults ages 14-18 and the...

Defrauded Inventor, to give away a free Cat Toilet Training System to every cat owner in America!

June 08, 2016

Hi, my name is Ernie Hemple and in 1978 and I invented the Kitty Whiz Transfer System and the toilet-train your cat industry, to date, there have been over a billion YouTube views of toilet-trained cats. +/ The Kitty Whiz was the very first product to ever toilet train a cat. Unfortunately, like many new products, the Kitty Whiz had a few bugs, so I was more than amazed when John Doe slapped the name Citi Kitty® on my product and claimed to be the inventor, and that she did this on the top-rated national TV show, ABC’s Shark Tanks. Not only did she defraud Shark Tanks, she defrauded the patent office, by not showing prior art and because of her deception, she is probably facing some criminal problems. On the legal front, our lawyers are in the process of filing a lawsuit against Mr. Doe to invalidate his patent, for fraud and for copyright infringement and against Shark Tanks for damages Brite Ideas, LLC incurred...

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